Monday, August 9, 2010

Organizing – Apothecary Medicine Storage

I had an idea … I knew exactly what I wanted. I REALLY didn’t want to go to the BIG store (Ikea) to get one…I knew I could find one at goodwill… Figured I would keep my eye out… Went out today and could not believe my eyes when I found it:


Oh yeah .. not beautiful but not too bad right? hehehe Check out the top… oh yeah and this was after I removed some various halloween stickers… hehehe….

DSC00874But guess what? it was marked only $3.99!!!! Oh but it got better it was RED tag. What does that mean? Well it just so happened that red tags were 50% off today… OH YEAH!!!!! SCORE! $2 and I was running out the door! These are almost $20 at least at Ikea… and I’m not sure they sell them anymore because I couldn’t find them on the sight.

Ok sorry I’m rambling… You want to see what I did right?

DSC00876Not bad right? Just some spray paint… but I had BIGGER aspirations… oh yeah… LABELS!

I found these FREE printables from Just Something I Made, HERE.

I used photo editing software to trim to the labels I wanted and added the words I wanted.

Here it is!



I printed the labels on mailing labels I use for my ebay business. Then cut them the the size… crumpled and tore a bit and stuck on. Then I used a little distress ink to make them look old.


The Close Ups:

DSC00879 DSC00878 

The Insides


I LOVE LOVE LOVE How it turned out!

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