Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday

Today is Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday over at Reivented and Ask Kari & Kijsa and a million other blogs :) Well I just have to participate... looking around my hosue... what trash do I have that I could do something with... hmm... into laundry room to grab new roll of paper towels... and I see this:

GROSS!!! When I found it it was filled with bars of gifted soap too... seriously when I got to cleaning out my laudry room I probably would have thrown this to goodwill...that is if it weren't for trash to treasure tuesdays! I knew just what to do with it when I saw it... a little spray paint I had, a look through the box of drawer pulls and a glue dot and this is what I have:

Doesn't even look like the same thing huh? Look how nice it looks in my kitchen holding popcorn kernals!

Now time for a snack... I'm thinking ...popcorn!!!

Spring Gifts for the family

Who says you have to have an easter basket? How about giving an Easter gift in something other than a basket? Here are some ideas:

How sweet!

This "basket" can be used come summer!

This is so much fun! I would use cadbury mini eggs to fill!

Perfect gift for the kids at heart!

They can keep the jar and fill it seasonally year round!

So much nicer than a bag with a bow

Of course there are a million more ideas out there. So this Easter - think outside the basket!
Share your creative wrapping this Easter in comments!

Spring Food

How about some easy ideas for food following the same theme? Here you go - Click on pics for recipes!

One that isn't a treat! :) I would use regular romaine lettuce and just color ranch dressing in this recipe

A classic - turned springy

Cupcakes! How can you go wrong?

A shake!

Oh Martha, you never cease to amaze me.


Spring Decorating

The main subject of this blog will be decorating. So it's time to decorate for spring/easter. I have scoured the web to find a few ideas that all revolve around one theme. Robins eggs. I love decorating with these. I love the color! I even found candles in the colors of robin eggs this year. I think it looks less "kitchy" to keep one theme running with your seasonal decorations. So this is what I am using. First up are the decorating ideas I have collected for you. I will also post ideas for the other two areas of making your house a home - food and people(entertaining/gifting). You can click on the pictures for links to where i found them - some have instructions for making yourself! ~ENJOY!

I wish I had the skills to make this! So sweet love the texture!

This blog is a must visit for special occasion decorating! Here are chocolates in an apothecary jar. A classic dressed to impress!

Make everyone feel special at your dinner table! Personalize an egg for each member of the family!

When you color your eggs this year - make them robins eggs! Go here to get directions for doing just that!