Monday, February 22, 2010

A Beautiful Desk

I had such a great response over my craft storage I decided I must do another piece. Sure I SHOULD have waited until their are not 1 million other things going on around the house … but I didn’t… because I was in goodwill and found this piece:


How could I not get her? She’s so CURVY!!! She just needed a fresh coat of paint! Here she is all dressed up


Beautiful huh? She is painted with roller and brush in Ralph Lauren Roadster White. I decided to reuse the original hardware with this piece but sprayed it with a Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray paint in Dark Bronze.

Here are some of her details:

DSC09850 DSC09851


This shows some examples of choosing a TRULY good piece of furniture! This piece is solid wood with dove joints. A truly QUALITY piece of furniture we don’t see much of anymore!

So this piece took WAY longer than I thought it would and much longer than my china cabinet. i was ready to throw in the towel at a few different points. You see at first I used the rollable version of American Accents Heirloom White… I am pretty sure the paint was bad as even though I had Primed the piece the paint was easily scraping off. When I used the Ralph Lauren I had no problems… I won’t be using that paint again!!! I am glad it is FINALLY DONE! Now I can reclaim some space! :)


Oh and if you are local and interested in purchasing here you can check out the CL ad here:


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Grand Central Station

Well with my mom moving in there is a greater need to get more organized! I finally got around to making this magnetic chalkboard I have had on my list for a long time!


I LURVE it!!!! The frame was gold I just spray painted it heirloom white then took a piece of metal and painted with chalkboard paint. Then I took scrabble pieces and added magnets to the back. Also took one of the pieces that hold the letters for scrabble and put magnets on the back of it and put it at the bottom to hold the chalk and pen for grocery list

Here is the detail


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Friday, February 5, 2010

From Winter to Valentines – A Mantel Story

I have so much fun decorating my mantel now that I figured out some good core pieces! Here is my Valentines day mantel and the before and after of all the details


Yes that is our TV above! I do need to do something about those cords! UGH And I couldn’t find the art comcast used to have on demand to put there for the picture :(

Before After - whole

As you can see the layout is VERY similar! This means just a few simple changes! I didn’t have the candle lit in the valentines pictures

before after - 1

So here I emptied out the apothecary jar and filled with brown basket fill from dollar tree that I had on hand. Then I shredded some music paper and put it in too. Then added a cream “M” for our last name tied with burlap, silky fabric, and pink ribbon. Tied the same trio around the bird bell. I am going to get a milk glass vase to round this out here but haven’t gotten one yet.

before after - 2

Here I removed the silver star and added a silver plate behind the candles instead. Then just switched out the sweaters for music paper and added heart ornaments to the front. They are much pinker IRL! They look very red in the pics but they look like vintage ornaments IRL.

before after - 3

Here I switched the candles out since those were about gone. They are taller but were brown. I wanted pink candles so I just wrapped some paper I had around them where you can see through the glass. Removed the feather wreaths and wrapped in burlap and silky fabric. Then cut a bird out of music paper – glued to cardstock, added a felt heart shaped wing and hot glued on.

before after - 4

The before was blah. It was one of the parts that wasn’t working for me before. So a clear vase came from the other side and was wrapped in music with the word love! I got this wood candle at Kohl’s. It was Christmas at 90% off or something crazy so it was less than $2. I carved in a heart and the “K + S” for our names then filled in with dark brown marker so you could see it

before after - 5

Again unwrapped and re-wrapped candles. Bell jar switched out with Milk Glass. During Transition after valentines these candles will still look good with just the hearts removed!

before after - 6

small cloche… Brought out the love birds! put cloche behind them over there nest. Brought small vase over from other side and put faux cherry blossom in off of larger branches.

 before after - 7

Again a little rearranging – rewrap – battery candle plopped in crystal for now. Picked two of these faux candles up for $0.48 each!!!! At a local hardware store. Switched out hanging snowflake in frame with something I threw together with a sticker, streamers, sheet music and card stock. I will show you how in a future post!

 before after - 8

Again in winter I didn’t get around to putting something in my nest :( Now I added birds in a yummy nest and the bell jar replaced with milk glass vase. Tied more burlap, sweater and pink ribbon around the top.


I LOVE their little nest!!!! and YES those are the white bird ornaments that were at the Dollar Tree at Christmas! Of course I bought TONS of them! I LOVE THEM! I just pulled out the hanging string and removed the wire from their feet!


Hope you enjoyed! Can’t wait to show you how easy this will transition to spring!!! :)


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Monday, February 1, 2010

China Cabinet Turned Craft Storage

I haven’t told you all the news yet… but my mom is moving in with us. Yes that’s right… My 900 sq. Ft. will be shared with an additional 2 dogs and one adult. That puts the total in our 900 sq. ft. at 3 adults, 4 dogs and 2 cats!

That means for some creative storage ideas. I needed a place to store my craft supplies now that my craft room has been taken over. So here is what I found:


ok that is not the EXACT before because I forgot to take it. But it was similar…mine had a chicken wire type metal in the two side panels…I saw it’s potential for great storage! I purchased it off craigslist for $100.

You have probably heard around blog land that Home Depot is clearancing out the Ralph Lauren Paint. So I got myself some “Roadster White” paint.

Then got Clearanced Hardware from Target

Then Fabric from Joann’s



The Details

DSC09621 DSC09618


I think I am still going to sand some edges but that’s it. Now I have all this space in the dining room to store my craft supplies and I can use the dining room table to do them on!

Stay Tuned for more projects as I work on combining households!!!


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