Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy this time of year!!!

This time of year gets SOOOO CRAZY!!!!

Here I am checking in after all this time! Well I stumbled across something I just HAD to share with you!!!

Since I haven’t been able to do any sharing of my holiday decorating here is some inspiration I found… It’s truely wonderful!!!!

















Ok I have to stop at some point :) But if you want to see more go here

I will try to post some pics of my house this weekend…. we shall see :) For now enjoy these beauties :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bathroom Update – 3/5’s there

Ok I am letting you peek before it is complete… since I am trying to keep it real! So here is the list of steps for decorating:

  1. Paint
  2. Bones – Added architecture etc
  3. Fabrics
  4. Art & Accessories
  5. Touch ups & Finishing Touches

So you can see there are a couple more steps to complete so don’t judge yet! I am showing you before completion and it’s making me nervous! hehe

Ok Here it is:

I still need to:

  1. Paint the trim we added above the toilet
  2. Paint all the trim around doors white. It is a hideous orangey “wood”
  3. Paint frame added around mirror (I am trying to decide if I should leave the vanity the color it is and do the frame the same or change the vanity to a color closer to black like in the inspiration bath
  4. Touch ups
  5. Accessorize – Including pictures above Toilet and vanity

You can see it is basically a reverse of my inspiration background in layout.


I ended up finding these on clearance at bed bath & beyond and thought they would work perfectly in this space and be less expensive then matted prints like in the inspiration room. They were only $6.25 a piece!

This picture is the most accurate portrayal of the paint colors


The shower curtain is a terry cloth fabric. It was the display at BB&B and was 1/2 off!

All of the blue and striped towels are from burlington coat factory!

When I post final pics I will post cost breakdown and all


Wish me luck in finishing up this weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Bathroom Bedlam has begun!!!

I started redoing my bathroom today… well I guess I kinda started yesterday – I took down some stuff etc. But today the real insanity begun!

Now I have a confession to make…. yes This is the 4th color I have painted my bathroom… insane right? That doesn’t include the original white the house came with… so… this is the 5th coat of paint on these walls… see these are all the colors that have been there before:


Look at all this tape!!!

DSC08921Painting a bathroom is no fun because there is SOOOO much taping involved! ugh! I hate the prep work with painting. It’s even harder that I have the worlds SMALLEST bathroom!!!

So as I am writing this I am letting the first coat of the top half of the wall dry:


It’s an off white – like Heirloom white :) It’s a little hard to tell from the pics… it definitely needs a second coat!

There are two VERY important tools I use when painting:

1. Music! I am using Foo Fighters Live on Comcast On Demand – My FAVORITE band!!!


2. Caffeine – I can’t do anything without my Dr. Pepper!!!!!!


So are you ready to see my inspiration for the room as a teaser??? It has been in my design file for a LONG time and this week was the week I decided it must be done:


It’s from Layla at the Lettered Cottage!! I just love it and it is exactly the same layout as my bathroom so I knew it would work. You can click on the picture for more details!

So my goal today is to do all the painting and hardware up etc. Then tomorrow… SHOPPING! To pick up a few accessories and hopefully in the evening get them in there and it will be complete :)

Wish me luck and check back in the next couple days to see the completed room!!! I am off to put on the second coat now!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Burlap Banner and Ragamuffin Wreath


Remember I said I was going to do a burlap banner? I finished it last week but am just getting around to posting.

See that cute ragamuffin wreath too? Yeah made that a few weeks ago and am just getting around to showing it off too! Here’s a close up. Ignore the cast off parts from other projects sitting on the porch! hehe

DSC08909I followed the ragamuffin garland tutorial here but did it around an embroidery hoop!!! :)

Have you noticed everyone puts wreaths on the front door but we don’t often see them on the sliding glass door! All I did was use a suction cup to hang it from! :)

Here’s a close up of the banner too :)


That’s 2 projects to share down! :)

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Dollar Store Frame Makeover

I have a very large wall in my living room that just didn’t seem “right” it was ok… but it needed a redo. You see This is the high point of the room too – we have vaulted ceilings. What was there didn’t accent them as all.

So here is what it looked like before:


See… I think it’s that the bird pictures and the monogrammed print just weren’t working together.

I thought for sure that some L. Herbert prints would look great with them.

So I went to the dollar store and bought 4 frames that I like the details of.

This is what they looked like when I bought them:



Here is a close up of the frames after:


Awwww yes very nice!

I was at Joann’s and found a perfect sign to top it off too.

Here is the whole wall after!


I love it! So much better! Don’t worry I am going to put the monogram up somewhere else. On a wall by my front door :)

I have more projects I didn’t get around to posting yet that I will be posting too. If I don’t do it now I won’t get to it for awhile because I just started a HUGE small project :) Oh yes. COMPLETE bathroom redo! in my SUPER small bathroom! I can’t wait to finish and show you!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Window Mistreatment Project

I have a small window in my kitchen over my sink. I have done many window treatments on it. The one that was there was driving me crazy. It was not meshing well with everything else in my house. Want to see?


Ugly and BORING! It was definitely time for an update!

Here is the window now!


I LOVE IT!!! It pulls everything together!

Want to know how I did it?

I started with a piece of burlap. Cut it to the size I wanted

Then I sewed on some muslin ruffle I had gotten at the goodwill!

Then I hot glued on some black ball fringe

Then I used some of the left over muslin ruffle to make “hooks” I just cut out strips and they already had a hole! :)

Then just hot glued those on and hung!

So do you love it as much as I do???


This post brought to you by the following blog parties!!

Let Me Out Tassel


Tassel’s are all the rage right now and Cheri is having a Tassel party! This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to get in on the action and make my very first tassel!

Here’s the finished product:


Hanging on my sliding glass door!

So why is it called the “Let me out” Tassel?


Isn’t he cute?? That’s my boy Toby. In case you haven’t noticed yet I have furbabies and no real babies yet. I taught him as a puppy to ring a bell to go potty. He no longer needs it as he can hold it but still it will enable him to not have to.

You see what I did it put a bell in the middle of the tassel! So if he needs to go he can just knock the tassel and I will hear it :)


See that jingle bell in there? :)

Here’s the how to for putting a jingle bell in your Tassel:


1. Supplies:

1. Jute

2. Bell

3. Lid to be used for tassel – I took this off some mousse or something in the bathroom :)


2. Next drill a small hole in the lid

3. Tie bell to one end of Jute

4. Stick other end of Jute up through the hold in the lid and tie knot in the end large enough so it does not go back through the hole. I had my bell hanging just below the end of the lid.

(Sorry no pictures for these last steps! This is my first time trying to do some sort of tutorial so forgive me!)

5. Then just make your tassel as normal! I followed Jen’s directions at Tatertots and Jello

And here you have it. A functional tassel!


Seriously have you seen the doggy bells they sell?? They are not NEARLY as pretty AND they cost $16+!!! This tassel is a much better solution!


Enjoy your day! I have a TON more projects I will be posting today! I have been a very busy crafter in the last 24 hours! :) That’s why I made Motivation Monday! :) It really works!