Sunday, February 1, 2009

Number Two

One word...FOOD...
Food really makes a home... the smell, textures, warmth... really a wonderful thing. Unfortunately I am not so good in the kitchen. So this will probably be one of the only post's I do on this part of making a home more than a house unless I come across other sites to visit :)

On Friday's my mother comes to my house and helps me with cleaning and such. Then we have a family dinner. It is such a nice thing I look forward to it all week! This week she made blackberry pie for dessert! mmmm with blackberries that she picked in the summer and had put in the freezer. Well I was going to take some pictures but as you can see, it didn't really last long enough ;)

Since I am not the best with can visit some of my favorite places to find ideas :)

Fabulously Classic - Blog with yummy classic recipes
Semi-Homemade - Love all of this - Has great recipes just putting pre-packaged items together. Also great entertaining ideas
RecipeZaar - Recipes Galore
What's For Dinner? - Weekly Menu Plans!!!
- They always have fun food!