Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hooked on Fridays and...BIRDS!

Julia over at Hooked on Houses is hosting a round-up of what everyone is hooked on. Sounds fun! so I looked around my house looking for what I am hooked on... and as those things you are hooked on do it flew right out to me :) Birds! I have them subtly placed throughout the house so you don't actually notice since they aren't all together like some collections. One other thing I am hooked on are snow globes. Those are a collection. I've always liked them but only truly started collecting recently after being told I am hard to shop for. Figure it's easier if you collect something ;) So you will see a few of my birds are snow globes.
So here are my birds:

LOVE these pictures!! They don't look too nice in the picture because they came out dark since I couldn't use the flash.

Here are the snow globes

This is the latest addition. Beauty and function! It's a bottle opener! It even has one for the twist off caps on the bottom so you don't hurt your hands!

These ones are temporary - they are my moms and are just sitting on my shelf until they have a new home when my mom gets to move out

I love this guy! He's such a pretty color! From

See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. This is a really special one! I have a picture of myself and my two sisters when we were young where we did this.

Now you all know my secret! I hope to see yours!!

More to come!