Monday, October 26, 2009

Watch out for the crows..... and the bumble bee!!!

The DIY Show Off

I'm finally linking up to the DIY Fall Festival!!

This halloween I started out with lots of motivation. I was excited to decorate and craft... but somewhere I lost it. So there are a few things I didn't do that I wanted to or normally do. But here is what I have.

White pumpkin on black urn in my kitchen

Graveyard on the counter

Black glittered skull from dollar store. Placed on candle holder with plate and a cheese dome over. Two pumpkins. One in a nest. (wanted that to be a white pumpkin of the things I didn't get done I was talking about :)

Spooky banner hanging from curtain rod

Dining wall - Got wood skull from micheals and glittered it myself. Dollar store skulls in left clear vase, crow on candles, and candy in apothecary jar. (I wish there wasn't such a reflection in the mirror! It's destracting)

Close up of candy jar.



My potions that you saw in a previous post

Put a white glitter skull from dollar store in my fav bird cage and draped some spooky fabric over

Dollar store frame, craft paper, wood letters from goodwill and some glitter mad this cute little boo sign

My fav fall card. From a local artist. Set in an antique frog on a silver tray. This is one of the only fall - non halloween touches so far

Dollar store pumpkin, painted white and placed on a little metal stand. There's another one of those darn crows!!!

These crows are so great. They are from the dollar tree and just add a subtle halloween touch wherever you need one - I wish I had gotten more and now I can't seem to find any.

I love white "ghost" pumpkins

And the cutest halloween decoration of all

That's my dog Issabella dressed up as a bumble bee :) Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen! You can tell she doesn't like the hood on her head in the first picture. Once it's off she thinks she is the coolest thing around!



issabella is adorable! she's just the right size playmate for my little teacup maltese derby :) thanks for stopping by!


I love the mini-graveyard idea. So clever! I'm totally stealing that. Also, the dog costume? I'm dying from cuteness!

Debbie @

Hi Stefanie, everything looks wonderful! Great pictures, great little vignettes, everything you did looks sooooo good.
Beautiful home too.

The DIY Show Off

Great job - everything looks so spooky and the pumpkins are so pretty! You have the cutest bumble bee too.



I did get a lot of the decorations at the dollar store. Don't you just love that you can buy a ton of things for decorating but spend very little money? Love your decorations too. Have a great day.