Thursday, October 8, 2009

I MADE IT....without my hubby!

Shanty2Chic is having a party! I LOVE parties and this seemed like just the party to get me blogging after taking the summer off and working on projects! :) Check out all the others or join in on the party here:

Shanty 2 Chic

So what's my project you ask? I built new doors for our faux fireplace/entertainment/extra seating/etc....hehe....AND painted it!!!! I didn't take before photos :( BUT I still had one of the old UGH SOOOOOO FLIMSY!!!!

Yup that is right... just plastic and suuuuper thin wood...that is also the color the whole thing was...WAY too dark for my tiny place!!!

And the reveal....

ahhhhh... much nicer! so thicker wood... beadboard for the main part ... and the top...of course its burlap! YUMMO! Because hiding behind that burlap....Cable box, xbox, wii...ETC! shhh don't tell anyone...And don't worry... because it's burlap... the remotes still work ;) Here's a close up of that:

Oh you want to see the whole thing huh? well ok....

There are a few lonely things thrown up there for now... just took down summer stuff and have slowly been putting up fall/halloween...And ignore the things in the foreground... told you place is SMALL... couldn't get the whole thing in without getting coffee table stuff...cute purse though huh? :) Here's the upper half... with the beautiful art err... TV :)

I'm still not completely pleased with the antiquing I did...I have never really antiqued such a light piece will probably do some adjusting and still have to do sanding... but the main work is complete :) I LURVE it!!!

Thanks for visiting!


Shanty 2 Chic

LOVE this!! It is super cute and the burlap was ths smartest idea!! Way to go girl!! Thanks for linking up!


Turned out great! Good job!


Shanty 2 Chic

I love the idea of the burlap and I love it all white! What a great way to hide stuff! Thanks for linking up with us!~Ashley

cindy@cottage instincts

I love what you've done! So the remotes work behind the burlap, eh? (my wheels are turning)
peace! cindy

Delightful Dwelling

Gorgeous, I love the burlap!

Danielle @ Transforming Home

That is such a great idea! Looks really cute. Thanks for the inspiration.