Sunday, May 23, 2010


That’s the only word for this post! I have been playing with LOTS of frames lately. Working on the wall above my couch. I have a bunch of bird prints but they don’t necessarily all work together etc. So I have been trying to make them! :)

This was just too cool not to share with you all. If you have ever had a print that was an unusual size (not easy like 8x10!) You can understand the frustration in trying to find a frame to fit it. Well I went out with measurements in hand to thrift stores. Picked up this thing – no glass with a dark green rim and measured. Sure enough same size as my measurements. Get home… and well… it doesn’t Fit!!!!! UGH apparently I had measured something incorrectly. But in sitting there on the floor both frames, print etc at my feet it fell together. Yes almost literally hehe

The old frame fit perfectly inside the new frame! which meant the print would fit AND the glass would still work! WAHOO!!! Now just how to hold them together….


The original frame is the wood stained one – the new one is the dark green. The light green is the frog tape covering the perfect already white on the new frame! Since I was planning on painting the green already I could just paint the old frame along with it… AFTER I attached them together…


Can you tell what they are together with? I put it at all 4 corners….


And her close up… Mighty Putty… that’s right the stuff Billy Mays (RIP) sold to us on TV…. well I love that stuff. It is my duct tape hehe. I shoved it in to hold together. Let dry and it’s STRONG! Just to give stability to the rest so it wasn’t coming apart at all I put hot glue in the space between all around and big globs in the middle of all 4 sides.



Here she is in all her glory all painted up… I’m not showing you with the print yet because I want to make you wait until I reveal the whole wall! :)


What’s that you don’t believe me? Well Check out the side by side! :)


Before After

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