Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frame with Paint

I painted a “frame” over my couch!



How to:

1. Measure and mark size

2. Then use laser Level to get straight line


3. Frog Tape along laser lines. I left laser up and taped each side individually.

DSC002274. Paint All center

DSC00226  5. Use utility knife to cut extra tape off corners to square them


6. Do another set of tape around the first set. Follow the same instructions as doing the first. The space between the bottom of the first tape and top of the second will be the space for the frame part. Measure accordingly. It all depends how big you want your “frame”!

Here it is all dressed up! Details for all of the items here!



Frugal Home Designs

That looks awesome. I have a huge wall above my couch that I have been trying to come up with a plan for. Thank you for the inspiration.


hi stephanie, thanks for visiting me at cottage romance and for the very sweet compliment! i love your "frame" over the couch and the bird themed decor too! i can't resist a sweet birdie or bird house! thanks again! ~DD


Great idea! Looks fantastic!