Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday!

It's Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday with Kimm over at Reinvented! This week is a transformation of something I picked up at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. It was an item I didn't take a picture of on thriftstore Thursday because I had already begun the project. I got this idea from Joy over at Joys of Home. Link directly to the project HERE. Inside my thrift store frame is a piece of burlap on which I painted an M for our last name and used the same leaf design that Joy did. Just printed off on my printer! :)

So here is the completed project. Like I said I missed taking a before picture but the frame was a gaudy gold.

Here is where I put it in my living room. The space was empty and I didn't want something square because of the two square pictures already there so thought this would be perfect

Joy used a light box to do hers. I didn't have a light box so I jerry riged one :) Here is what I did:

Two dining room chairs
A piece of glass spanning them (from an unused picture frame)
A table lamp that fit underneath with no shade

Here is a picture of the lamp underneath

It turned out perfect! The frame wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for as I wanted something with more details like Joys had but I could not find an oval frame ANYWHERE! It is amazing! I even went to frame shops! Micheals used to carry some gorgeous ones but when I went there to get one they no longer carried them! But I think it still turned out great!



I love it...I'm so in love with monogrammed stuff, and I don't have any!

I love the ingenuity of your "light box"!


Kimm at Reinvented

Now THAT'S creative genius! Great job, I'm in love with your monogram. thanks for linking!


I love your monogram, it looks great! Thanks for coming by for a visit. The spice bottles were actually given to me by a neighbor of ours in a previous house. I'm not sure where she got them but I've seen similar ones at flea markets.


I'm soooo glad that you invited me over to see your BEAUTIFUL monogram art. It's awesome!
And I am incredibly impressed with your innovative technique for making a light box. Now that's really thinking "outside the box"!!!!!

Proper Prim

Good morning popping in from SITS... love this project... I might just make me one of these... thanks for sharing your little tip..
Hugs, Deb