Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let Me Out Tassel


Tassel’s are all the rage right now and Cheri is having a Tassel party! This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to get in on the action and make my very first tassel!

Here’s the finished product:


Hanging on my sliding glass door!

So why is it called the “Let me out” Tassel?


Isn’t he cute?? That’s my boy Toby. In case you haven’t noticed yet I have furbabies and no real babies yet. I taught him as a puppy to ring a bell to go potty. He no longer needs it as he can hold it but still it will enable him to not have to.

You see what I did it put a bell in the middle of the tassel! So if he needs to go he can just knock the tassel and I will hear it :)


See that jingle bell in there? :)

Here’s the how to for putting a jingle bell in your Tassel:


1. Supplies:

1. Jute

2. Bell

3. Lid to be used for tassel – I took this off some mousse or something in the bathroom :)


2. Next drill a small hole in the lid

3. Tie bell to one end of Jute

4. Stick other end of Jute up through the hold in the lid and tie knot in the end large enough so it does not go back through the hole. I had my bell hanging just below the end of the lid.

(Sorry no pictures for these last steps! This is my first time trying to do some sort of tutorial so forgive me!)

5. Then just make your tassel as normal! I followed Jen’s directions at Tatertots and Jello

And here you have it. A functional tassel!


Seriously have you seen the doggy bells they sell?? They are not NEARLY as pretty AND they cost $16+!!! This tassel is a much better solution!


Enjoy your day! I have a TON more projects I will be posting today! I have been a very busy crafter in the last 24 hours! :) That’s why I made Motivation Monday! :) It really works!


Its So Very Cheri

And it is super gorgeous.



Your tassel is so much cuter than what I've seen other people use as their "dog bell"!


Your tassel is beautiful and what a great idea to add the bell. I also liked seeing how you used the plastic lid as the base of the tassel. I've only made the one that I posted for the party so I'm liking all the ideas on how to make these.

Kim @ Starshine Chic

I love it!! And what a fabulous idea to add a bell for your dog.


Very, very cute. But now I have to learn how to train my dog. :)