Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Bathroom Bedlam has begun!!!

I started redoing my bathroom today… well I guess I kinda started yesterday – I took down some stuff etc. But today the real insanity begun!

Now I have a confession to make…. yes This is the 4th color I have painted my bathroom… insane right? That doesn’t include the original white the house came with… so… this is the 5th coat of paint on these walls… see these are all the colors that have been there before:


Look at all this tape!!!

DSC08921Painting a bathroom is no fun because there is SOOOO much taping involved! ugh! I hate the prep work with painting. It’s even harder that I have the worlds SMALLEST bathroom!!!

So as I am writing this I am letting the first coat of the top half of the wall dry:


It’s an off white – like Heirloom white :) It’s a little hard to tell from the pics… it definitely needs a second coat!

There are two VERY important tools I use when painting:

1. Music! I am using Foo Fighters Live on Comcast On Demand – My FAVORITE band!!!


2. Caffeine – I can’t do anything without my Dr. Pepper!!!!!!


So are you ready to see my inspiration for the room as a teaser??? It has been in my design file for a LONG time and this week was the week I decided it must be done:


It’s from Layla at the Lettered Cottage!! I just love it and it is exactly the same layout as my bathroom so I knew it would work. You can click on the picture for more details!

So my goal today is to do all the painting and hardware up etc. Then tomorrow… SHOPPING! To pick up a few accessories and hopefully in the evening get them in there and it will be complete :)

Wish me luck and check back in the next couple days to see the completed room!!! I am off to put on the second coat now!!!


One More Equals Four

BEAUTIFUL inspiration room. We have a bathroom that is screaming for help but there just isn't time or money right I'll just live vicariously through you! Can't wait to see the results!


I'm not good with choosing colors. Have fun with the painting. It'll turn out great. Can't wait to see the final look of the bathroom!

very cute. Good luck with the rest of it coming together!

Rachel Anne

Oooh, it will look lovely! It's always nice to have an inspiration to keep you going through the tedious taping and cutting in! I hate that part of it, but it is so nice when you pull tape and see how nice it looks!

I hope you'll show "after" pictures!