Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday: Making Your Home a Haven: Choosing Love

It's Making Your Home a Haven Monday over at Tammy's Recipes. This weeks topic..."Choosing Love". I had just the thing for this one! Long story to start but here it goes...

My husband and I used to work in the same building...then across the street...then a few blocks away...We would have lunch together just about everyday...sometimes a lunch in the park, sometimes running errands, etc. Now I work from home. He is an hour away and so we obviously can't have lunch together anymore. He is taking a van pool most of the time now so doesn't really leave for lunch. I thought ... well heck this will be easy... take a microwave dinner and warm it up each day for lunch... he kept "forgetting" these. Not sure if he was truly forgetting them or purposefully forgetting them since the other day he asked "Can you make me lunches sometimes again". How can I argue? Is it more work for me? Yes. Does he work hard so I can stay at home and work? Yes. Last week was a busy week ... he kept asking... when are you going to go to the grocery store so you can make me lunch? I guess he was serious ;) So Sunday I did my grocery shopping and made him lunches for the week. I LOVE him and would do just about anything for him :)

How do you make a sack lunch show love??
Here's what I do :)

I make the whole weeks worth at one time and pack them all at that time. They are ready to just grab and go. I do just 4 days since usually he ends up having a lunch meeting once a week and even if he doesn't it is nice for him to have a lunch out once for the week.

I pack each lunch in these Ziploc containers. They are the perfect size!

Next I make the sandwiches. The type changes for some variety. This week was turkey.

String cheese for some calcium! And they have riddles on them ;)

Fruit. This changes almost each day. An apple, banana, peach etc.

Cashews. This changes each week. Sometimes it could be a bag of chips, crackers, other nuts. Basically whatever I have that gives a little salt and crunch. This stays the same all week.

A fiber one bar. Have to make sure to get enough fiber!

A Dr. Pepper.... I am addicted to this so it's what we have in our fridge :) Sometimes I do juices or small bottles of water instead

Fruit snacks... John Deer ones at that! Why not they are fun :) He likes them

"Homemade" homemade I mean the break and take kind :) Told you before I don't cook :) I don't always make them...sometimes I buy pre-made... but he was lucky this week :)

And of course a love note!! I got these little "inspirations" at the goodwill for cheep. Less than a dollar for a box of them. I got two varieties. One is "May your dreams come true" the other is "I believe in you" They seemed appropriate for him being at work ;) They have a place on the back for a note :) I write a different message each day.

This is the front. You open it and it displays a little quote.

Most of the time I also do a bag of baby carrots but I forgot this week. So I hit all the food groups right? :) You may be thinking... wow that is a lot of food... but come on he's a growing boy right? hehe. Really he eats it throughout the day...he might have the fruit for breakfast when he gets to work... because who wants to eat at 5:30 am!!!! and the fiber bar for an afternoon snack... or something like that :)

Last - there is also a note on the inside of the front door this week that says "Don't forget your lunch! I love you" Didn't take a pic sorry :) hehe

So... even though it takes me more time, energy etc. to make this lunch... I do it to choose love. So he knows I love him and is reminded throughout the entire day :)

Hope you are all finding time to show love ... it really makes a house into a home and a haven!!!

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