Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday: Trash 2 Treasure!!

It's trash 2 treasure Tuesday's over at Reinvented. We FINALLY had a couple days of nice weather. Which means.... SPRAY PAINTING!! Seriously I had things lining up at my back door asking for paint. So today I completed two BIG ones... They weren't necessarily "trash" but they were someone's since I got both at goodwill! Enjoy!

I bought this nightstand for it's bones. Knowing I was going to paint it. I almost forgot to take a before picture so you can't see the UGLY hardware! :)

Nothing a $0.99 of flat black spray paint can't fix! Also added knobs. I changed out the knobs on all my furniture in the bedroom to this same knob. These are the knobs on everything else, Such as the closet doors. Black spray paint is the little black dress for furniture!!!

Next project: Recover old chair

I didn't get the true before picture of this :( But here it is stripped down. It had 4 layers of fabric and paint in places! The person who had recovered it before I bought it had used just glue to hold the fabric and such! It was not easy to strip! I have had this chair for a long time. I had put some fabric over but it wasn't working in my place anymore. So this time I took apart the entire thing. The only thing I reused was the wood :)

The after.. Beautiful isn't she? I used some ivory spray paint for the wood. Replaced foam on seat and back. And got new fabric and recovered. I took it all apart a couple days ago. Then today took it from the above to finish!! I absolutely LOVE this fabric. This is also going in my bedroom which I hope to have 99% complete by this weekend....

A closer look at the front. There is one fabric covered button in the middle that I tufted. I tried to do more but gave up and decided the one was good :)

Here's the back... yes it had fabric as well!

This was not an easy recovering project! But I am very pleased with the results! They say the rain will be coming back tomorrow... so I am glad I finished these projects!!! Did actually paint a couple of other things too.... I have been working on my bedroom for a month! sooooooo close now! I am going to try to "finish"my house over the next month. I am going to work on one room a week. The bedroom is the only one that had major changes. The others are just a little fluffing :) Stay tuned for updates!



I love that chair. It is beautiful. HAND IT OVER!!! Ha. Thanks for the idea. Laura

Kimm at Reinvented

Stefanie, I am in LOVE with the fabric. You did a beautiful job! I love the cabinet too, there's nothing a coat of black spray paint can't fix, is there?
Thanks for linking up to Trash to Treasure!


What a lot of work you put into that chair...I would have just bought a different chair LOL


Beautiful transformations on both pieces! Inspired me to look harder at 'trash' that can be turned into treasure. :)

Infarrantly Creative

what a beauty stefanie...love the cabinet. totally made it look different. thanks for stopping by my blog also


Found you via Kimm's place. WOW! First that nightstand that just floored me but then that beautiful chair. I'm in awe! Great job! Thanks for sharing. = )


How did you paint that dresser? It looks fantastic! I want to spray paint an old dresser of mine black, but I'm intimidated having never done it before. What steps did you take? What kind of paint (brand, sheen, etc) did you use? Pretty please on a few tips to help me make my dresser as pretty as yours? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail: mrs_apple_juice at hotmail dot com. Thanks!