Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

Holly over at Homebody hosts Thrift Store Thursdays. This is my first week participating but it is definitely right up my ally! So here is what I found this week.

On Tuesday I went to the Goodwill right down the road from my house. I had not been feeling well for a couple days and really felt getting out of the house would do me some good. Was glad I did!
1. A beautiful blue pot - $1.99
2. 5 - white un-used taper candles - $1.99 (I had been looking for some!! - I will show you why in a later post)
3. A bag of styrofoam eggs - $0.99 (used this for the button project below)
4. 2 - cream colored bowls - $0.99 each
5. A cream dish of some sorts - $0.59 (I used this to put our change in!)

Very successful day indeed :) You can see all the colors I use in my home in this picture I think :)

On Wednesday I was feeling better. I went with my cousin to run errands. Went by my favorite goodwill of all. No wonderful finds. I literally was pulling everything like the diaper bag and purses out of the cart thinking I must have gotten something else.. but there was nothing. Only two things on this trip - Only one pictured.

1. Magnetic "spice" holder - $3.99 (I think I will use this in my office for those little office things)
2. An elmo drum for my cousins daughter - $1.99 (Not pictured because it went right home with her :)
3. My cousin also bought a record (Actually two inside) - $0.99 (I am going to try to make into a frame for her...anyone know how to cut out the center???)
Hope everyone had a successful week of saving money at the thrift stores!


Kimm at Reinvented

Hi Stefanie,
Yay! I can leave a comment! :)
You made some great choices. I'm overdue for a trip to my fave Goodwill, will have to stop by this weekend.
Have a great one!


that's a great blue pot. I always search the housewares section first. My favorite.

Mrs. Petrie

Sometimes I really find great stuff and sometimes (like this past week) I didn't find too much. I need to figure out when people bring in the most stuff and go after that. Good finds!


I am totally jealous of your spice holder! And you're the second person this week that I've seen has found one second-hand. Those little containers aren't usually cheap...I think one costs as much as you paid for the whole set.
Thanks for joining the party!


I'm a first time vistor, but I'll be coming back. I LOVE goodwill. I have an idea about your record. If you know anyone with a Cricut Expressions, there is a button on it that says multi-cut. It should cut it. And you can pick your size and where you want to cut it. Hope this helps.


Ooooooh. I love the spice holder. Lots of potential there!