Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WFMW - Slipcovers

Well I missed putting in my link for works for me Wednesdays. I am on the west coast so on Pacific time so I miss cut offs all the time :( I shall post anyways :)

What works for me is slipcovers! I love them! Since I can't exactly spray paint my couch :) I have 4 animals - 2 cats and 2 dogs. So my upholstered furniture can become messy quite quickly! With slipcovers I can take them off and throw them in the washer and dryer to fix the mess quickly! Here are a couple pictures of my two current slipcovers in my living room.

I bought this couch for $30 on craigslist. It was just a couple blocks away :) It was faded but comfy. A chocolate brown slipcover and it is like new :) ....Do you see one of my dogs on the pillows? :) I can't keep them off! :)

I just bought this one yesterday. I really wish to not have the recliner... however you know men :) it was a nice color but was showing wear. Cat scratches :( etc. So I saw them on sale this week at Kohl's. The original price on this was $120 - on sale at Kohl's for $35! Well it was really on sale for $60. I thought it was the same one in the ad that was $35. They aparently didn't have any of the ones from the ad. So the checker... when I questioned $60!... took off the difference!! So I got the sale price that was in the ad!...$ I had a coupon that was sent to me for another 15% off so I only actually paid $32 with the tax! So this proves slipcovers can be found for less than you may think!