Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday


I LOVE thrift store Thursday!!! I was REALLY bad about taking pictures this week though :( You see most of the time I go with a list of things in my head I am hunting for so it comes in the house and gets put where I had planned on it going.

Like this... I was looking for some sort of tray that could hold my dogs food and water to keep it from going all over the floor :) This was marked $6.99...but it was the colored tag that was 50% off so I got it for $3.50. Not bad... I love it!

Also found this bowl. I love this set and have other pieces. Slowly collecting as I find...I don't remember the cost but it was less than $1

This was the BEST find! I found 4 of these. They are Ikea frames that I was planning on buying from Ikea anyways for my bedroom. Even from Ikea I was going to paint them. I really hate going to Ikea! It's always a zoo. So I was thrilled...Cost? $14.99 each... saved...$20.00 total from the Ikea price :)

One trip I remembered to take pictures :)

Vase - $0.69
Cheese platter - $1.29... Originally marked $5.99 but was the colored tag on sale :)
Egg bowl - $0.99
Blue glass - $1.99

Not pictured:

An oval frame...I already painted it and it's in mid project. I had been looking EVERYWHERE for an oval frame! $9.99

2 white bowls. Pictured below as gift holders! :) $0.59 each

A cute pair of target(new) shorts for cousins baby - $2.00

An electric slicer - $0.99 (I bought this to use on my chair project below. The electric slicer cuts foam SOOO easily!)

A very successful thrifting week indeed :) What did you find this week? Head over to Homebody and Bloggeritaville and share with us!


Lazy Mom Leslie

You know how to shop! I would call that a success!


Great stuff! You seem to do really well shopping with particular items in mind.
Thanks for joining in this week!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville

You got some amazing bargains there! I love good shopping days! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday's! Hope to see you again next week! Thanks!

Cass @ That Old House

Great buys; you are one good bargain hunter! Love the egg bowl, so cute!


Stephanie, I posted your finds on my blog!