Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An small easter gift

I showed you some "outside of the basket" ideas last week. I wanted to share what I ended up doing for my nieces. I have 3. I think they turned out pretty cute :) Little birds in their nests :)

Got 2 white bowls at Goodwill for $0.59 each :)
One egg shaped dish for $0.99 again at Goodwill
Reeses bird eggs were $0.99 each
brown paper basket filler - $1.00 at Dollar tree
1 bag of "Speckled" Easter M&M's - Approx. $2.50... I don't remember :)

Cost for 3 gifts? - Approx. $9 - Just $3 each!

Made two of these in the white bowl. It's hard to see but the bowl has the look of a cracked egg! :)

This is for the younger one.

I wrapped them in celophane and will add ribbon and tag :)