Monday, November 2, 2009

Motivation Monday – Nature Party

fall - Motivation Monday

I LOVE blog parties. So I decided I need to have one! I am going to TRY to do this every Monday… Hopefully I can keep it up.

Each week I will pick a theme I need motivation for – could be fall, living room, organizing etc. Then I will have a Mr. linky for you to give a link to a post you have on your blog that relates to the topic. The next day I will chose some to feature!

This will be great because on Monday’s I always need some Motivation. This week I am going to start by showing some blogs I have already been inspired by for this topic.

I am having a 50th Birthday party for my mom on Saturday. I need some ideas and motivation! I am doing a natural theme. So I turned to my bloggy friends and went snooping :) Here is what I have found! (Click on pictures to be taken to their posts detailing projects)

Cottage instincts just did a Birthday Party for her DD. It is sooooo the same theme I want to create! Here is the cutlery! I was so motivated by this I have this done! :) I did mine all in twine. What a great way to dress up plastic cutlery!!! Looks so sophisticated!

She also did this awesome table runner which I will also copy :) Only mine will have 50 instead of 20! PERFECT to bring in the 50 age without those tacky things from the party store!!

Then I came across this over at Crafty Daisy. Instead of Give thanks I will make one that says Happy Birthday! LOVE IT!!! WAY Better than the cheesy ones! Of course I will be making the give thanks one for my house ;)


I also found this picture the other day which would probably make an awesome centerpiece… unfortunately I didn’t save where it was from or can’t seem to find it so if you know tell me and I will give credit where credit is due!


Then there is Joy from Joys of Home who I LOVE!!! I am always so inspired by her and have posted about her inspiring me before. Here are some moss balls she made… now that is woodsy and natural! I probably already have everything I need for it too ;)

So here is a design board of all of that. The one nature thing my mom really likes that I don’t have is mushrooms. I need a crafty project to incorporate those. I also need inspiration to display some old photos of her. I was thinking maybe clothes pinned on twine? not sure yet…

party theme

So link up! Motivate me! And this is my first party so celebrate with me!! :)



Thanks for the feature Stephanie! I've been considering doing a monthy feature similar to this with all the inspiration I find out here in blogland. I'm a follower now, and look forward to visiting over here often. I'll be back to link something after I've had some coffee :o)


Did you have fun making all those wonderful things for the party?
You were inspired with some great ideas. I feel honored to be among the group!
You have such great ideas going on on your blog. Love it!